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Former World Bank Office, Old CID Road Junction, SekouToure Avenue,Mamba Point, Monrovia, Liberia.



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United States African Foundation (USADF) Liberia Partnership


EDUCARE Grants Management and Supervision Focus

USADF establishes strategic linkages with national and local governments, other donor agencies, and the local private sector to support sustainable grassroots development in Africa. EDUCARE has been partner to the USADF in Liberia since January of 2014. Based on her performance during the previous years, USADF has continued to renew the contract agreement of EDUCARE. The USADF program in Africa targeting grassroots underserved communities to build self-supporting, sustainable local community enterprises. Once, Project application are identified and authorized by USADF in Washington, they are turned over to EDUCARE for full project development and when they get funded, work with the Grantees to provide technical assistance during project implementation to ensure success. EDUCARE’s task is to provide technical assistance and support to these grassroots groups in the implementation of their projects using participatory development approach and applying best practices.

Under this agreement, EDUCARE has provided on-going technical support to over 45 grassroots projects across the country financed by USADF. Each Grantee receives and manage their own funds directly, many of which are between US$95,000 and US$250,000. EDUCARE receives an annual administrative support funds of her own in order to provide the necessary support for these Grantees.

The United States Congress established the African Development Foundation in 1980 as an independent public corporation with a mandate to promote the participation of Africans in the economic and social development of their countries. USADF provides assistance directly to the underserved to enhance activities they themselves have conceived and nurtured. USADF also supports intermediary organizations that understand and represent the needs and aspirations of the underserved. In effect, USADF helps Africans to help themselves by providing them the resources they need to advance their own efforts to promote economic and social development.


Participatory development methodologies (PDM) are the centerpiece of USADF's approach to grassroots development. PDM requires the active involvement of major stakeholders at each stage of program development from conceptualization through design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. It also requires that program participants develop and implement systems that ensure transparency and accountability for use of resources and attainment of program objectives.




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